Peli BioThermal: Bulk Shipper Addition

Peli BioThermal, a global producer of temperature-controlled packaging, announced that its newest addition to its range of bulk shippers, the CoolPall™ Flex, is now available to purchase for the first time.

The system is designed as a unique, customizable range offering optimized solutions and high-performance thermal protection for the global transportation of payloads for pharmaceutical and life sciences applications.  

The system is an enhanced extension of the technologies and benefits from the company’s Crēdo™, Chronos™ and CoolPall™ lines, which has been extended into a size the company is offering for the first time. An additional benefit is that the CoolPall Flex provides excellent payload efficiency on aircraft with more constrained cargo spaces.

CoolPall Flex is easy to configure with single or double coolant pods. Flex’s common components make the system user-friendly and simple to construct. That makes it quick and easy to build and fully assemble in under two minutes.

Available in three heights and with a capacity range of 140L – 767L, CoolPall Flex offers a variety of insulation options with water-based or phase-change material (PCM) coolants in single or double coolant configurations. These configurations deliver differing duration and performance capabilities, in excess of 144 hours, to mitigate temperature excursions in the worldwide transportation of pharmaceutical products.

The new shipper system is available in a range of variants:

• CoolPall™ Flex Water

• CoolPall™ Flex PCM

• CoolPall™ Flex Advance