Nordic Cold Chain Solutions: Drain Safe Recyclable Gel Pack

Nordic Cold Chain Solutions, a global provider of cold chain packaging, announces Nordic Ice Drain Safe™, reported as the world’s first drain-friendly gel pack refrigerant.

Gel packs are a key component in shipping thermally-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines, specialty foods and many other mail delivery products. Developed to fill an unmet need, Nordic Ice Drain Safe gel packs are either reusable or disposable at the discretion of the recipient. For years consumers have complained that, though convenient, gel packs are difficult to dispose of properly leaving the burden on the recipient.

While consumers typically keep a few gel packs for reuse, the growth of routine deliveries of medicines and meal kits mean that the gel packs add up quickly.

Previously, unwanted gel packs would end up in landfills even though the packaging is, in fact, recyclable. Historically, a refrigerant compound did not exist that could be disposed of down conventional plumbing without creating clogs. Drain Safe gel packs use a proprietary and environmentally friendly refrigerant, and can be clipped open and the contents safely washed down the drain. The empty pouch can be recycled anywhere number 4 plastics are accepted.

The company reports that the refrigerant is safe, non-toxic, demonstrates the same thermal efficiency as its industry predecessor and allows recipients the choice of environmental responsibility.